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  • Hospital discharge - And now?
  • Where can I receive assistance?

In addition to physical handicaps, a disease also might cause psychosocial stresses and strains as well as job-related, social and personal changes.

The medical treatment is in cooperation and involvement with all the required groups. We provide professionally, competent and independent counselling to each case.








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Social Services provide a wide range of services. In general, they are based on the recommended procedures of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Soziale Arbeit im Gesundheitswesen e. V.

The Social counselling is free of charge and all social workers are bounded by professional discretion.

If it is not possible to solve your problems or answer all your questions before your discharge from hospital, this flyer provides details of the information centres in Berlin.

Below is further information about our different offers:



Ambulatory care

In the context of ambulatory care, we determine help and support as required after counselling the patient and his or her relatives.

The care may include:

  • Organisation of medical equipment, e. g. hospital bed
  • Organisation of a nursing service
  • Organisation of voluntary visits
  • Organisation of mobile lunches
  • Information about an inhouse emergency switch
  • Apply for the appropriate care level if basic care is needed
  • Organise day care
  • Organise home help or medical family assistance
  • Information about assisted living

If you have any questions please contact us.

Aftercare planning

Aftercare planning means the organisation of help and support after leaving the hospital.

Since 01. October 2017 you have the right to receive an adequate aftercare planning.

At hospital you will be well informed about the aftercare planning. You have to accept these terms before we can organise medical equipment, a nursing service, rehabilitation etc. after your hospital stay.

Together with all the occupational groups involved in your medical treatment, we plan your discharge from hospital taking into account your wishes and needs.

Please contact the nurses if you have any questions or worries when it comes to your discharge from hospital.



protection against child or domestic violence

Under certain circumstances somebody may physically, sexually or mentally abuse another person. It could happen in a physical or mental way.

Especially vulnerable are people receiving care, people with disabilities or children.

It is important to support all victims as well as the offenders.

In case you witness or are involved in such a situation please contact us.


Initial consultation for cancer sufferers

Cancer may change everything in your life. Therefore, our Social Services offer extensive consultation about your rights with reference to social law issues. This consultation is specific to your individual circumstances. Please be aware that it is not possible to organise a post-hospital curative treatment if you are going to have chemotherapy, radiation or some other cancer treatments.

Our services include:

  • rehabilitation
  • degree of disability
  • transportation costs
  • financial security
  • self-help
  • outpatient care
  • inpatient care

      and so on...

If you have any questions please contact  us.

Psycho-social care

During a hospital stay and a medical treatment psycho-social issues may emerge. If you need support in such cases we will counsel you and your relatives. 

  • occupational rehabilitation
  • power of attorney and patient decree
  • self-help groups and information centres
  • initiate a legal adviser
  • coping with one`s disease
  • coping with existential crisis 
  • coping with problems in your social environment 
  • coping with problems within the family or partnership 

If you have any questions please contact us.


Based on different indications you have the possibility to receive a rehabilitation. In general, the insurance would rather pay for an outpatient rehabiliation than an inpatient rehabilitation. Gladly, we would inform you about your possibilities and the regulations. When it comes to suitable clinics you can choose, but in the case of a post-hospital curative treatment the clinic has to be located within a radius of max. 250-300km. If you are interested in undergoing rehabilitation and all preconditions have been fullfilled, we organise everything and clarify all costs with your insurance.


  • post-hospital curative treatment
  • neurological rehabilitation
  • medical rehabilitation
  • geriatric rehabilitation
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • psychosomatic rehabilitation
  • rehabilitation for patients with a mental disorder
  • medical rehabilitation for patients having an addiction disorder
  • family oriented rehabilitation

If you have an questions please contact us.


Inhouse care

In some cases it is not possible to return to normal domesticity either temporarily or permanently. If you need support when it comes to an inhouse arrangement, we will provide counseling to you and your relatives about convenient accommodation. Moreover, we clarify all costs with your insurance.

  • residental care home for the elderly
  • hospice
  • short term care
  • individual case support
  • adaption support for children and youth with a mental disorder

If you have any questions please contact us.


Social intervention

Your individual social problems may impact your health or may decrease your chances of recovery. Therefore we counsel and support you with the following problems:

  • adoption
  • anonymous childbirth
  • confidential childbirth
  • legal representation
  • care of people with special requirements
  • residential matters

If you have any questions please contact us.

Financial security

An illness and a hospital stay may influence your financial situation negatively. Maybe you are not able to work for a certain amount of time. In case of financial problems we will provide to counseling you, apply for benefits required and convey continuative information centres to you.

  • continued remuneration and benefit replacement rate
  • interim payment
  • release of additional contribution
  • benefits for job hunters
  • benefits according to SGB XII
  • health insurance coverage
  • guaranteed minimum pension
  • foundation application
  • degree of disability
  • housing shortage
  • indebtedness
  • personal budget

If you have any questions please contact us.